Party Cookies

It’s holiday baking season! Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, it’s always a fun time to make cookies. Here’s my childhood favorite recipe, called “party cookies” but you might just call them “M&M Cookies” if you aren’t bothered about trademarks.

I recently came across a cookbook produced by my 3rd grade class, and a copy of this recipe was my contribution. Whenever my mom or I were called upon to submit a recipe to a cookbook, this was our go-to. I don’t know where the recipe came from originally though.

Party Cookies
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One-Pot Portuguese(ish) Chicken and Rice

I went to Portugal last year (in 2017), and in Porto I stayed with a local family via AirBNB. One night when I was there we had a family dinner of chicken and rice. It was so tasty I’ve been wanting to reproduce it ever since. I texted the host to ask for the recipe when I got home, but he never replied. So the other day I decided I’d try to Google recipes on the Internet and make some.
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